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8.28.08 - GOLGOTHA premiere and website launch!

Well, the day has finally arrived:  GOLGOTHA is set to premiere at The Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, Ga., on Friday September 19th (8PM)

Thereminist Thomas Grillo (who scored a good portion of the movie) and pianist Joel Patchell will perform a short, half hour set before the film starts, so get there early!  Doors open at 7:00! 

Extra parking will be available in the lot behind The Plaza.

AND NOW, I give you:

A special thanks to Mr. James Abercrombie for his exquisite flash prowess, and to my Dad (webmaster for "S&S!") for his patience.  Here's lookin' at you, Poofs.

Please check out the new site for updates on the film, future screenings, and other sorcery!  Ho ho!



For anyone around the Portland scene, check this out:

The Mt. Tabor Legacy, 4811 SE Hawthorne, Portland
Wednesday, Jan. 30th @ 8:00pm

Short Film Screening Schedule:

Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire – Directed by Karla Jean Davis
Lady Wasteland, Episode 1 – Directed by Mark Roush
How Far North – Fitzgerald music video, Directed by Andrew Michael Warnecke
Odd, Oklahoma – Directed by Levi Cathcart
Lady Wasteland, Episode 2 – Directed by Mark Roush
The Hollywood Photos of Katie Mills – Directed by Paul Tompkins
I Am Lloyd Hamlin – Directed by Mark Roush
Blue Angel – Directed by Andrew Michael Warnecke
Rose Parade – Directed by Karla Jean Davis
Lady Wasteland, Episode 3 – Directed by Mark Roush
The Floor is Lava – Directed by Tim Marklevitz
Goodnight Irene – Directed by Sterlin Harjo


"Passion Play" and "Nosferatu" on Atlanta Shorts, GOLGOTHA Premiere moves Right

Atlanta Shorts, a indie short films show on PBA 30, has shown "Passion Play" several times and Thanksgiving weekend premiered "Nosferatu:  The Friendly Vampire" for the first time on local access television!  YEAH!  Weird Al would be proud.

The "Nosferatu" segment features an interview with Karla and the Lord of the Undead himself: Justin Snavley. 

Tune in to Atlanta Shorts Saturdays at 11:45pm and Sundays at 12:00 midnight.

And now, the sad news:  GOLGOTHA is pushing back the premiere date!!!  Oh no!  To allow more time during the holiday rush to tie up loose ends and give the music a chance to breathe.

For several reasons, when and where GOLGOTHA premieres will remain up in the air for a spell.  Get it ...SPELL?!  SORCERY!!!!

But rest assured, the many aspects of this indie silent are rapidly nearing completion, and as we progress through post, likely the next 3-4 months will see some sort of development. Stay tuned!


Karla's featured in French magazine.


"Passion Play" Premiere Screening!

Karla's living room is simply not big enough to contain the
awesomeness that is Passion Play's cast & crew. So this is what you get:

The screening event of the Late Spring! Click below.

Our matinee kicks off with the trailer for the upcoming GOLGOTHA, followed by other "S&S!" shorts from our archives. Also preceeding the main event is a special surprise short made by our friends at Delicious Pony, who are sponsoring this event!

Check it out on Myspace!

This is a magical movie matinee that you will definitely not want to miss. 'Cause, you know.  Free popcorn and stuff.

Did we mention free DVDs?


GOLGOTHA Almost Wrapped, Thereminist Search Continues,
Presstime for Karla

Well, alot is going on here at S&S. With about three days of production left and post rapidly approaching, Karla's still searching for a thereminist to compose & record the 'GOLGOTHA' score (send us an e-mail if you know anybody) by the end of the summer. 

An official website for the film is currently in the works.  In the meantime, be satisfied with Golgotha on Myspace, or bookmark the address of the future site.

Go! English magazine will feature an article on Karla in its May issue. This filmmaking Q&A will appear as a 2-page spread in both the French and English versions. Go! English is published in France and distributed in Europe and North America. You can buy single issues from the website and a six-issue subscription is available from

Click thumbs for larger pics.
The Friendly Vampire
A Tribute Video & Fan
Documentary for Elliott Smith
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