NOSFERATU: The Friendly Vampire & The Washington Post

The Washington Post briefly mentions N:TFV by name in its "Best of Tromadance: Volume 4"  DVD review!  Thanks to our good friends at Jollyville Pictures in Austin, TX for the tip. :)

"... and the occasional thought-provoker (the loneliness of being a "freak" is wonderfully explored in the black and white, silent "Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire") ...

Mike Keefe-Feldman
The Washington Post
Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Brevity is beauty, my friends.  Read the entire article here.


"S&S!" is halfway through production on their most epic story to date; a black & white silent fantasy about the demise of an evil Sorceress. Due to Karla's dislike for speaking about current projects, not many details may be disclosed. However, there is a hard-working group of people dedicated to this film---choreographer Cooper Andrews, DP Owen Smith, and gaffer Joel Musch, among others---and you can expect the film to be completed by the end of the year.

We think.

Anyway, Karla needs to have it in the can before her 25th birthday or heads will roll.

As production winds down we'll be looking for the following:

MINIATURE PERSON (And by that we mean someone who works with miniatures, not a dwarf. Although that might be sort-of interesting)

WEBMASTER (To help us design, compile, and host the film website. We can't do everything by ourselves, sheesh!)

DESIGNER (To generate original work for promotional material, DVD packaging, etc. Must love German Expressionism and dogs.  ... We're kidding about the dogs part)

Anyone interested (who is in the Atlanta area and not a spammer) can
e-mail us for more information.


An associate of S&S, BMB Finishes, has recently cut a trailer for their independent Legend of Zelda feature! You heard that right---a Zelda movie. I know. We didn't believe it, either. As it was completely out of the pockets of director/producer Joel Musch and his crew, S&S helped out. We had a little to do with Ganondorf's makeup & costume (and there may be a cameo yet). Head to the forums and sing its praises!

The Legend of Zelda: Hero of Time

Also, check out a really nice thing. Undergroundfilm.org wrote about Nosferatu: The Friendlly Vampire back in September, '05. Okay, so it's old! This is the first time we've seen it.


Scene Kids
Rose Parade is on Myspace! A version of what is being called the "Memory Lane Trailer" is also available through Google Video .Trendy for a good cause. :)  So won't you follow us down?

Rose Parade PSA
Alot of folks have been asking me for some kind of synopsis of our project that can be used on podcasts or college radio. And now, thanks to our good friend/documentarianist Billy Somerville, we have one. Click HERE to download theRose Parade radio promo (TRT :56).  Download at will,use at random!  Rinse & repeat!

You know, in April of 2004, Lloyd Kaufman was standing in a Borders cafe in Nashville signing my "Cannibal! The Musical" poster.  Who'da thought that two years later he'd be signing my non-exclusive distribution deal?

Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire has been selected for the Best of Tromadance Vol. 4 DVD.

For those of you who don't know, that's pretty flippin' rad.  This DVD is now available through the Troma website, Amazon.com, and random kitschy stores that probably carry comics. Oh, and no need to commit.  You can also rent it through NETFLIX. Or, you know, you could just pick up the short in our store (DVD includes three bonus "Smart & Sexy!" shorts). If you do get a chance to watch the Best of Tromadance Vol. 4 DVD, the shorts to watch (besides old 'Nos, of course) are: "LE BAGMAN," a low-budget special effects MASTERPIECE (seriously) with Baz Luhrmann-esque characters and some really creative editing (French people do everything better---even gore), and "JOHNSON 2: THE PASSION OF THE JOHNSON," which, despite some crappy visuals and the wierd audio that always accompanies Troma releases, effectively carries a plot about mustard through something like twenty minutes. Respect it.

To be friends with Nosferatu: The Friendly Vampire, go here.

Come on.  Make an old German happy.


Much thanks to Fruka for organising the ES meetup in Hamburg, where Elliott fans from around Europe conviened and viewed Rose Parade. More about the meeting can be viewed in the forums at the German Elliott Smith Fansite, elliottsmith.de. English-speaking folks: Google will translate this page for you.

Quoth one attendee (about the Joel and Travis interview):

"...and these two types are soooo cool, which smoke the whole interview over only to ask at the end what they to elliott would say, say nothing, only ask him if he would like beer after the show.

'i'm into metalchore and elliott smith' ."

DVDs have arrived and are currently shipping! 

And everyone go see King Kong.  Now.


"Rose Parade" delays.


Well, guys, looks like the shipping date's going to be pushed back to the 1st. 

I know "Smart&Sexy!" posted they'd be shipping out on the 22nd, because that was two and a half weeks after I dropped off the masters (Discmakers told me the new shipment would be two weeks, max).  But I got a phone call yesterday and apparently because of some Christmas rush stuff they've pushed the delivery date back to the 29th!  I'm way upset about it, b/c I really wanted to have everyone their DVDs by Christmas.


The fine folks over at The Dropcast were nice enough to have Karla on their show along with Denison Witmer. Ch-ch-check out the icon below to subscribe (free) and/or hear the interview.

In other news, Karla is going to be 24 in two days.
This depresses her.

And DVDs *will* be ready before December 16th and available at the double screening, so keep checking back! We appreciate you guys waiting so well.


Friday, December 16th
6 and 8 PM
Cinefest Film Theater
at Georgia State University

DVDs are being replicated, and they will be available to pick up at the screening.


It's the second anniversary. 
I can almost feel the solidarity of music lovers from
all around the world remembering where they were two years ago when they first heard the news that Elliott Smith was gone.

I'd like to thank everyone involved with Future
Butterflies---especially those of you who have bought Rose Parade DVDs (or just said really, really nice things about it)---for supporting Elliott's memory and the spirit of guerilla filmmaking.  Now more people go out and MAKE VIDEOS!!!!  Sheesh. :)

All film snobbery aside,  Elliott fans are remarkably cool, and I'm blessed to have met so many rad folks over the past eight months of working on this project.
Fruka, Stefano, Emma, Tasha...you guys have this
contagious enthusiasm that just chokes me up every time I think about it.

Whatever you're doing to remember Elliott--be it a
vigil at Solutions or a listening party with your
friends--please remember to keep Elliott's friends and family in your prayers today.



Tonight I had the pleasure of a Podcast with Dan
Portnoy and a little PR for RP. I've been saving that one. :) If you like "Smart & Sexy!" --FILMS, iTunes, Trey Parker, sportsmanship, books, or films about men getting eaten by grizzly bears, go HERE.


DVDS are FINALLY finished! Wahooo! Come hang out at our films page to find out more about "Rose Parade" and the Future Butterflies project.  Visit the store if you'd like a copy.

Thanks so much to everybody who interviewed, the cast and crew of "Rose Parade," and to those who donated time, encouragement, musicianship, advice, love, or support to this project. Your little really means alot.



"Rose Parade" DVD release party. Eyedrum. For directions and more info, go to Eyedrum's website.
DVD's will be available at the show.
You can also purchase a copy on this website
beginning October 1st.


The "Atlanta Underground Film Festival" will be playing
Nosferatu (twice with the notorious "Hell!House!").
In addition to these, "Rose Parade" and "The Patchwork Girl" (a Philip Gorbachov film Karla DPed on) will play Sun., Aug 28th. Tickets are 5 dollars, 3 dollars for students. Check www.auff.org for more information.

Here are the dates:

FRI, AUG 26th
Cinefest (@ Ga State)
8:00 PM
part of "Laugh Your A** off Shorts"

SAT, AUG 27th
Cinefest (@ Ga State)
1:00 PM
part of "Third Annual KID's Film Festival"

Eyedrum (off MLK Jr Blvd)
7:00 PM
part of "Locally Grown Peaches:
Fresh and Delicious"

I'm very sorry to tell you that Rose Parade won't be here in time for the Holidays----I wish there was something I could do, but my sales rep said that's the earliest shipping date he could get. 

I'm going to try my hardest to have your orders in the mail by the 1st (that's providing that Discmakers comes through on their end).

Thanks for being so patient!  I'll be in touch with updates, but be looking for your DVD in 2006 (I'm estimating Jan 4th for US orders, Jan 10th for international).  And again, I'm very sorry.  I would be happy to offer a refund to anyone who is just sick of waiting, or wishes to have a little extra Christmas spending money.

If you have any questions/concerns at all, please feel free to contact me at this e-mail address.

XO, and Merry Christmas!



DVDs are authored and on the way!  The sales rep at DiscMakers told me they'd be arriving on Dec. 21st.  Finally!  I'll be shipping as soon as they arrive.  A Christmas delivery, perhaps?

Thanks for your patience, guys! :)  Feel free to
contact me with any questions/concerns.

And if you're in Atlanta, you should drop by Cinefest next Friday around 6PM or 8PM for one of the free double screenings.

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