The documentary is more aptly described as a series of very personal interviews. Edited with the larger fan documentary in mind, it’s a feature-length conversation with numerous Atlanta-area fans about what Elliott has meant to them. There’s no narrative of which to speak, just structured fragments of memories and nostalgic reverie. Included are interviews with the current staff of legendary college radio station 88.5 WRAS and a conversation with Double D Records founder Dave Dickerson from Nashville, TN, responsible for the 2004 Elliott tribute CD release entitled: "A Fond Farewell."

The “Future Butterflies” project is something of an anomaly. Dreamed up by a Texan named Jess, the fight to document and preserve Elliott’s memory is now spreading internationally. Coordinated clusters of participants (as well as individuals) in multiple cities are taping interviews with the late musician’s fans, friends, and loved ones discussing his indefatigable impact on their lives. The resulting product will be edited in LA and sold on the ES website. Proceeds will benefit the ES Memorial Fund for Abused Children.

"Loneliness Sucks."

He may be "Lord of the Undead," but that doesn't mean poor Nosferatu has an easy time making friends.


"How does the Easter Bunny win the smile of the Tooth Fairy?"

Once upon a sunny day in the park, the Easter Bunny meets the Tooth Fairy and falls desperately in love.   But soon she's off to molar excavations, leaving our furry friend depressed and dismayed. Will he ever see her again? It may take the ultimate sacrifice.
The “Rose Parade” project is a music video & documentary tribute to Elliott Smith named after a song from his 1997 album, “Either/Or”. They were shot in Atlanta, Georgia and premiered in July of 2005.

These two films will comprise Atlanta's representation in "Future Butterflies”, an international fan documentary currently being made by Elliott Smith lovers from around the world.

The video was shot specifically for the song, but also to accompany the documentary: "Rose Parade: An Atlanta Tribute." The music video attempts to capture both the musician and the song in a sort of pop narrative. 
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WOE IS MAN (2004)

"War has no tagline."

In a world full of violence, pollution, and George Bush, one student longs to show the world her view. From feminist/political activist filmmaker Amethyst Moon comes this brilliant commentary on a woman's role in contemporary society, where dark political forces and corporations, racial tension and strained natural resources converge to create a bleak landscape for the future.

(DISCLAIMER: It's a joke.)
Holiday Roman and Woe is Man are available as Bonus films on the Nosferatu DVD.
In her final hours, Golgotha is attended by the last of her loyal footservants, a goblin named Minion, to whom she recounts the days before she became a power-hungry sorceress.  Her woeful tale reveals an obsession with a certain wooden-handled sword and---possibly, buried deep beneath her icy facade---a desire for love.  But even unto her dying breath, will Golgotha ever admit it?
Genres: Silent, Fantasy, Action, Dramedy, Spoof, Satire

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3:00 (without titles 7 credits)

"Nobody's Perfect..."

After a bloody crucifixion, a young man chosen by his church to portray Jesus Christ in an Easter Sunday Passion Play prepares to go onstage for
his big resurrection scene. But before he can bring the Son of God back to life, this actor has a few past demons to kill.

"Passion Play" was produced in conjunction with an (undisclosed) international challenge to write,
produce, direct, and edit a 3-minute film in 6 days.